Senin, 26 Maret 2012


as beautiful as a dream in the wails of time,
hobbled and tired, his face set empty,
eliminate missed the difficult,
is there any breath in each pulse is the rest of the missing hope,
or I let myself killed the dream,
as time passed, passed, laugh at me,
I have to call anyone?
in the news in my blood began freezing point?
dreams of love in silence,
second packet stored in the dark,
kill love even with difficult,
destroy the soul despite the pain,
whether the game should be terminated?
no winner, no games, no nothing,
because you’ve turned into a mossy stone,
stone sculpture that no matter who,
savage stone statue,

then I was silent, lonely, without a whisper,
liver disappeared, love lost, missed disappeared, and let kill all the sense in the dark.